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My 10 Day game plan was created through trial and error - finding what works and what doesn't work for ANY niche. This will lead your subscribers on the path to best seller status by walking them through creating a book - whether they are beginners or veterans! There is content in here for EVERYONE!

We will be going live:
April 3rd, 11AM EST

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Our Funnel - Almost $200 Potential Per Customer!

Front End (10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches)  - 60% Commission
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Downsell: Kindle Champion (Guide to Creating High Quality Books for $10-$20) - 50% Commission
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Upsell #1: Webinar Training Replays from Kindle Marketing Magic (12+ Marketing Strategies) - 50% Commission
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Here’s what your customers will learn with this 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches Funnel:

10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches - My exact 10 Day Game Plan for Publishing:

-        Day 1: The essential strategies that are KEY to Amazon Market Research…
-        Day 2: A step-by-step plan to have your (high quality) book written cheaply and published FAST with great results..
-        Day 3: How to effortlessly create Titles and Covers that fascinate viewers.. and my secret resource to have this done cheaply and easily…
-        Day 4: Once-and-done keyword, category, pricing selection, description creation and crucial publishing prep for best results..
-        Day 5: Ultimate email list optimization, effective review gathering and special image preparation…
-        Day 6: Vital steps you need to take for your author name that will lead to results never witnessed before..
-        Day 7: Seven formatting essentials and must have pages for free formatting in a few easy steps..
-        Day 8: A strategy that most publishers don’t take advantage of and don’t know how to cash in on… the paperback and audiobook treasure chest!
-        Day 9: Targeted Promotional techniques and how to make them work for you…
-        Day 10: The simple strategy I use to repeat this method time and time again for unbeatable results..

Kindle Champion - A comprehensive a straightforward guide that shows your subscribers how to have a book created for SUPER CHEAP and high quality with my secret resource.

3 Kindle Marketing Live Training REPLAYS - Over 10 exclusive marketing strategies and tricks that your subscribers will love. From the essentials to the advanced tricks and techniques, these three webinars are packed with info! Please note that each webinar will contain DIFFERENT information. Nothing will be repeated.

1 Hour Skype Consultation  - A one hour Skype consultation with me over viewing your clients books and helping with whatever they need.

Overall, we have a great funnel prepared for you and your subscribers. If you have any questions at all, please contact me at the email below. I look forward to collaborating with you shortly! Thanks for your interest!


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