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Mike’s promotion service has helped skyrocket my sales on a few books that have been struggling to break into the top 2000. Overnight Mike’s service did the job and now the books are finally selling. One of the side benefits to the service is the consultation he offers for each book you promote with him. He gives great advice on the key points to improve like titles, covers and more. Highly recommended.

Darrin Wiggins

I purchased Mike’s Kindle Bestseller Promotion service very skeptically. It sounded to good to be true to be honest. I wasn’t sure he’d be able to deliver and I certainly didn’t know how. But my skepticism was outdone by my curiosity.

I purchased the service for a book I’d had out for while. It had done very well for about a year but for the past few months was languishing in Amazon wasteland.

I’d considered updating it, tweaking it, getting a new cover, etc. but when this service was launched, I thought I’d try it to see if it could once again reach the Amazon stratosphere.

What I particularly loved about Mike’s service was that he gave me a consultation on how to improve the book as it stood. He suggested some short-term easy modifications and some larger longer term ones and they were spot on. I now intend to roll out these changes not just on this book but on others that I have, so I feel I got a double-triple benefit from that.

Despite my skepticism and the fact that my book was ranking at 147,000 before the promo, Mike did indeed deliver on his promise of getting me into the top 5,000 on Amazon. In fact my book got to less than 1,800 ranking ahead of such luminaries, Tony Robbins and my idol, Malcolm Gladwell! It is still ranking well.

I think this service would be particularly useful for: Launching a new book, Providing an underperforming book with a super boost or Promoting a series of books..

I would definitely recommend this service. The consultation alone is super valuable. It’s a Kindle-marketing-in-a-box service – there’s everything you need all in one place. Besides the book, of course. :-)

Alison Golden

This is a great service!  I’m a writer, not a marketer.  Mike’s consultation comments were spot on.  I made a few tweaks he suggested and they made a difference.  I was making 1-3 sales per day before using Mike’s service.  This effort alone shot sales up literally overnight.  My book rank went from 413,000+ down to ~2,000.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’d recommend this service to any writer whose sales are ho-hum.  All this good news led to over 40 sales in one day.  I’m very happy with this service.  I’ll use Kindle Bestseller Service again!

Jim O'Brien

Once I signed up for the Kindle Best seller Service I quickly received a form to fill in with the details of the book I wanted promoting, (I asked for the highest ranking service). I soon received an email back with a free Kindle Consultation in which Mike described some changes he suggested I make within half an hour of receiving the email. All were specific to my book – so this wasn’t some randomly generated generic report. Some changes I could make quickly, others I will need to make in the near future. I launched my children’s novella 6 weeks ago, and after 3 days free on KDP select with over 50 downloads, it sank rapidly to nearly 400,000 overall paid in Kindle. After Mike’s promotion it reached 1,804 overall (whilst I slept, as I am in Australia). I woke up to a 398,000 jump in my ranking and ranked highly in the top 100 of 3 categories!

Mike provided me with a Maintaining Momentum document and a Kindle Essentials Report – so you must put in some work after, but it all seems doable. He really (over) delivered on what was promised, and I can certainly recommend the Kindle Best Seller promotion to others who want to see their ranking soar. I just wish I knew how he did it!

Thank you Mike!

Kaye Nutman

The Best Seller Ranking for my book is beyond any expectation I could have hoped for – and it happened overnight!  In addition, the book is now showing up in Kindle eBooks at #32 for Literature & Fiction > Humor & Satire >General Humor and #45 Books for Literature & Fiction > Humor & Satire > Humorus. I am ecstatic with these results!

Lorna Souther

I decided to try Mike’s service for two of my books; one fiction and one non-fiction to see if there was any hope to revive sales. I was amazed… and no, I don’t say that lightly! The results were HUGE! My fiction book, Reckless, went from a paid sales rank of 244,404 to 2,210 and my Paleo Cookbook went from a paid sales rank of 258,037 to 1,754! I even received a new 5 star review during this promotion time.

The best part of Mike promotion service was the personalized, detailed, step by step consultation for each book of what I could do to maintain my rankings after the promotion.

Do you have a book that needs a huge boost in ranking?  This is just what you need – Mike truly over delivers!

Beth Gabriel

When talkin’ about making sure folks know about my book “South Mouth – Hillbilly Wisdom, Redneck Observations & Good Ol’ Boy Logic” and what a great gift it would be for Christmas or birthdays or whatever, it was suggested that I try Mike Balmaceda’s Premium Bestseller Service.

Well, I reluctantly forked over the cash, but faster than green grass through a goose I had over 40 new sales, my book’s Paid Sales Rank moved up # 1,755 and it was #2 in Kindle Store> Kindle Short Reads > Two hours or more (65-100 pages) > Humor & Entertainment! Let me tell you, I was happier than a woodpecker in a lumber yard! My book is pretty durn popular and has done well in the past, but I’ve never seen a spike in sales like that.

And, Mike and the folks that work for him are real nice and easy to work with; they do what they say they’re gonna do, do it on time, do it for the agreed on budget, and deliver more than they promised. Those’re the kind of people I like to deal with. I figure I’ll use the Premium Bestseller Service every 90 days or so with this book and with my BBQ book, too.

Cooter Brown

My publisher used Mike Balmaceda’s Premium Bestseller Service to introduce my book “Sparring Partner” on Amazon’s Kindle platform and in a matter of days, the book skyrocketed from the Paid Sales Rank # 883,861 to the Paid Sales Rank # 1,967. If you know anything about Kindle, you understand that this kind of result is nothing short of amazing; especially in the competitive category of Romance/Suspense. Needless to say, my first choice for introducing my book “Deception Hotel” and all future releases will be this Premium Bestseller Service. As a matter of fact, my publisher is planning to use this service at least once a quarter to drive sales, sales rank and reviews.

I’m sure the price will eventually go up, but based on the spectacular results, it will be a good value at twice the going rate. I have already recommended the Premium Bestseller Service to my other author friends … except those in the Romance/Suspense category; I don’t need other author’s books getting the same unfair competitive advantage that I have. A woman has to have her secrets doesn’t she?

Madison Barlow

I launched my first fiction book on October 20 and I was about start my usual promotional strategies when I heard about Mike’s service.

Doing no other promotions, I decided to test his service out on the 22nd of October. As you can see on my screenshot, I only had a total of 2 sales by that time.

Within 24 hours, my book sales jumped up to 36 books sold and raised my book rankings from #87,289 to a peak of #1,709. In my category, my book actually made it into the top 20.

I took a screenshot of my rankings at #1,964.  I should mentioned that the niche my book is in is very competitive and I was so giddy at the initial rankings that I forgot to take a screenshot till later :)

I have no doubt that in a less competitive niche, my book would have hit #1 with Mike’s service.

The fact that Mike was able to get my rankings that high so quickly is a testament to how good his service is.

I know Mike will probably be crazy busy once word gets out how great this service is.  I only hope he can still squeeze me in for all the other books I want to promote with him.

BTW, Mike also provides top notch advice and consultation above and beyond the ranking service.

Bottom line, I’m very happy with the results of his service and plan to use it again in conjunction with my other promotional strategies to keep my book up there when it shoots up in the rankings.

Joseph Ducat

The great results go on and on! ...

I have to admit that I was quite skeptical at first especially since I have tried SO many other programs that make all sorts of promises but deliver on nothing only to leave you with an empty wallet.  I had already told myself that I would no longer fall for any further scams.  I was, however, enticed when I heard of Mike’s private, bestseller service since I have followed Mike and can tell that he has quite a bit of experience in the kindle book marketing field.  My trust in him is what convinced me to give his program a try and boy am I glad that I did!!!

I have two books published on Kindle and, initially, I was only going to purchase one package as a test run for one of my books and then, if it worked, I would purchase a second package for my second book.   In the end, however, I decided to just jump in and purchase two packages to cover both books and I am truly happy that I did because BOTH books showed an absolutely amazing improvement!!

The promotion that Mike ran started at about midnight and by 7:00 AM both of my books had jumped up tens of thousands in paid rankings.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I don’t know how Mike did it but my books jumped from selling 2 books a day to selling close to 100 books which boosted my kindle paid sales rank from being around 35,000 to 1,000 paid sales rank – LITERALLY OVERNIGHT!!! !!  I couldn’t help but smile from cheek to cheek all day long to the point where my jaw was hurting from smiling so much.  This was absolutely insane and Mike is TRULY a MASTER!!!  He also provided me with a detailed consultation for both of my books so that I can keep the momentum up after the promotion. I will most definitely follow his advice since it’s quite apparent that he knows exactly what he’s talking about.  Mike is an ABSOLUTE GENIUS and I am really glad he’s on my side.

His bestseller service is incredibly revolutionary and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any author out there that needs a boost.  I GUARANTEE you will NOT be disappointed!!  Take it from a skeptic who has tried everything and been disappointed time and time again – until now.  I am DEFINITELY sticking with Mike for all of my future publications!!  It is quite obvious that he over delivers on his promises and that he truly cares about helping his clients succeed.  I am SO glad that I discovered this service BEFORE Mike decides to charge thousands of dollars for it because, I am sure, once the word spreads, people will willingly pay him that much and more since it is PROVEN to work.  You WILL see phenomenal improvement almost instantly!


Vanessa Diaz

As a publisher, my team has the experience and skills to correctly position nearly anyone’s content into a compelling story and readable book. It’s our speciality.

What’s been missing, however, is the tip of the sword…a way to pierce the market and put their content on the map….the elusive “Best Seller.”

I’ve studied and analyzed dozens of best seller systems and programs over the years. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in education on this subject and personally worked with over a dozen best selling authors, interviewing and piecing together their best practices.

If one is looking for simplicity and value, there is only a single, logical choice:
Mike Balmaceda.

Perhaps you’re like me, you’ve purchased a few programs and most have been excellent dust collectors. In Mike’s case, every time I’ve purchased one of his programs, I read it cover to cover.

This time was different.

Instead of reading and implementing his brilliant strategies, he just did it all for me. Whoa!

I don’t know how long he’ll be able to offer this program. I have no clue as to why it is so affordable. I only know that, as a marketer, the value I received was worth 10X my investment day one. It’ll be 100X by the time I book a few new clients.

His consultation to extend my Best Seller status beyond the one day status is the real value, here, folks…don’t just sit on your laurels after getting your badge of honor. The strategies to leverage your best selling book are priceless.

Use it.

Take it from me, you will NOT be disappointed with this service. Don’t wait. Just get it, watch your rank go up and do a few things to leverage your status and reap the rewards.

Doug Crowe

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Promotions can see up to 110 Sales, dependent on your book and your package purchased. This promotion is for an Kindle book only, and your promotion must be fulfilled within 1 week of your purchase (unless agreed upon otherwise).

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Six-Figure Book Marketing Service- (3,000-5,000 Paid Rank)