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Discover the Ultimate Strategies for
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One-On One Coaching
With Me on Skype
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  • Consultation is designed to help you write, publish or market your books on Kindle and become a bestselling author on Amazon.com
  • Schedule an hour for us to work on Niche Selection, Title, Outsourcing, Formatting, or Cover Creation
  • Work One-On-One for us to analyze and help you with Keywords, Description creation, Category selection, Pricing, and Review gathering
  • Work with a Marketing Pro for In-Amazon Marketing, Outside Marketing, Sustaining Rank, Sales, Do's & Donts of Publishing, and MORE
  • Learn my Secret Tactics and Little-Known Advanced Techniques to Help you Boost Your Sales!
  • Gain Access to My Resources and Work One-On-One with a Kindle Professional!

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You have 1 hour for me to help you with your Kindle publishing.We must schedule a day for us to speak within the next few weeks within 72 hours of purchase. Feel free to purchase multiple times for more than a one hour consultation with me. 

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