As a bestselling kindle author myself and coach for self-published authors, I make it a priority to stay on top of all the newest strategies for marketing kindle books. When Mike showed me what he’s done with Kindle Giveaway Guru, I was blown away!

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways for kindle authors to get a huge base of readers to rapidly increase book sales, get reviews, and ensure they make a return on investment in their kindle business. 

I’m recommending Kindle Giveaway Guru to my students who are hungry for innovative kindle marketing strategies you can’t find anywhere else.

Derek Doepker Review on Kindle Giveaway Guru

I’ve had a chance to review the product and I say it’s very innovative. He provides the foundation inside the guide and then gives you over a half dozen extra materials to help get the campaign set up and started. 

Anyone who is doing kindle needs to at least check this technique out. I’ll be using it for sure!


Rob Howard Review on Kindle Giveaway Guru

I received a review copy and am pleased to report that this is an innovative and powerful method for selling your book. Mike puts everything in very easy to follow steps which make this super easy to rinse and repeat. Recommended!

Amy Harrop
Review On Kindle Giveaway Guru

This report goes through it all in comprehensive detail that will not leave you wondering. You realize the power of this strategy when it is laid out bare like it is here.

I highly recommend this. Done right it is the most powerful book marketing technique you could use.

WarriorForum User 'chesnut332'
Review on Kindle Giveaway Guru

I rarely buy too many products here and I’ve never given a review before. 

This product is an exception.

…  I do have some experience and I have to say that THIS product is hands down a $200 product. I’ve already recommended it to a few of my friends and will be implementing it as a MAJOR focus for my business in 2014.

The videos are short and to the point.

The pdf’s are clear and engaging.

The author is approachable and shows results.

You won’t be disappointed…buy this.

Doug Crowe Review on Kindle Giveaway Guru

AWESOME! finally a NEW approach to Kindle promotions...there are definitely some gold nuggets in this one!

Cheers guys for such an amazing product...

Sam England
Review On Kindle Giveaway Guru

Mike and his brother Joe Balmaceda have come up with a totally new way to attract readers, and get reviews AND build their list of hungry customers at the same time.

Everything is not only explained in detail, but you also get templates, instructional videos, documents and more. You'll get all you need to start this up yourself.

Britt Malka
Review on Kindle Giveaway Guru

Mike, great job thinking outside of the box on this one! Congrats on an EXCELLENT product that over delivers.

Mike Thomas (Mike from Maine) Review on Kindle Giveaway Guru

I just bought this WSO, and I am deeply impressed. The value for the $ is solid.

Mike goes deeper into detail than most discussions, and he has really done huge research about where to get the right services, and where/how to promote and market your book. 

EACH ONE of the techniques or tips that Mike includes is easily worth the price of the WSO, and he has packed it full.

Highly recommended!

Leo Wadsworth
Review on Kindle Marketing Magic

I'm glad to see something being released that's actually GOOD!

I can say, without a doubt, that anybody who uses the techniques and promotional swipes you give here will have NO PROBLEM "getting the word out" about their books. I'm going to recommend this to my customers.

Tony Norton
Review on Kindle Marketing Magic

Mike’s product is very innovative and I love the way he used something that was absolutely free that Amazon provide authors and used it to his advantage to get huge success with his books!  I am very impressed and I can’t wait to recommend this to my subscribers so they can do exactly what Mike did!

Debbie Drum Review on Kindle Sales Rank Superhero

I like Mike's products and I'm an existing client of his who has bought his products with my own money in the past! Mike's is different; I was lucky enough to get a review copy and the breadth of content impressed me. Mike has put together a product that will enable newbie Kindle authors to learn all they need in order to produce a Kindle book and make money from it.

Nic Oliver
Review on 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches

Mike's 10 day Kindle course is sound and will definitely help you get moving in the right direction if you are at all serious about making money on Kindle. Even if you have already started down this road - you WILL get value from his work.

Les Blythe
Review on 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches

I’m a fan of Mike and his courses. 

As an established Kindle author and publisher, … it is an excellent course and 10-day system. 

If you are either new to Kindle writing & publishing or you’ve dabbled in it or you’re struggling with it — buy this course AND follow the system.

Kate Saunders Review on 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches

Another highly actionable report from Mike. I just got through reading the PDF (I am glad there is both readable and watchable training rather than just videos) and just as expected, solid content that leaves nothing out. If you are looking to start making money on Kindle this would definitely be a great place to start, and because it is scalable and systematic, the potential for ramping up your profits is realistic. Definitely recommend for Kindle newbies, with some cool tips for those with some experience under their belt too.

David Martin Review on 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches






  • q-iconHave a question before you buy, or need support?

    Contact kindlesalesranksuperhero@mikeylightning.com and I will answer you within 12-24 hours. 

  • q-iconHow Much investment is needed to get this WSO started?

    There is a small investment needed dependent on how much you want to use the strategy. You can pick and choose how much you would like to spend, if anything at all!

  • q-iconWhat are the details for the Refund Policy?

    You have 30 days to try Kindle Sales Rank Superhero, risk-free or your money back… provided you request your refund directly through our support email. If you file a dispute on PayPal directly instead of asking for a refund via email, then our refund offer is null-and-void and we will fight the dispute. 

  • q-iconAre there any sign up fees throughout the process?

    No, there are no sign up fees!

  • q-iconWhat tips do you have on downloading/opening the course?

    The course will come in a .zip file. Use WinZIP or WinRar to extract the files to your desktop or another folder on your local computer. Once you do that, you can then open the .PDF with Adobe Reader, open the videos with VLC Media Player (best program to open with) and the .doc files with Microsoft Word. If you have any trouble opening these files, you can use Google Docs to open any of these files formats if you upload them to your personal documents (don’t share!). You shouldn’t have any problems if you follow these instructions.

  • q-iconHow/Where Can I Access My Download? What if access was never mailed to me?

    First, look for an email from WarriorPlus, the system that manages your payment and sends you the download files. Check in spam! In very rare cases, WarriorPlus sometimes will not send an email telling you where you can access your download. If you haven’t received access to your product(s) you purchased, sent to you in your email, within 30 minutes or more, just simply email me at the support email above and I’ll send you access as soon as I can!

  • q-iconIs there an upsell, OTO or Downsell?

    Yes, we are offering Kindle Niche Ninja, which shows how to uncover thousands of profitable Kindle Niches. Also, I am offering Kindle Technique Treasure Chest which showcases 15 advanced Kindle publishing techniques to skyrocket your books’ success. Also we will have 3 week marketing replays which show 12 advanced promotional strategies for marketing your book effectively.

  • q-iconI am a newbie, will this work for me?

    Yes, this will! Follow the steps and the videos inside this guide to make ANY book a success with these powerful promotional strategies.

  • q-iconWill this work for any book in any niche or genre?

    Yes! This will work for any book, in any niche or genre!

  • q-iconIs there anything special that comes with our purchase?

    Yes! Aside from the videos, PDF and tons of extras, you will also receive private access to my top secret Kindle Facebook group where I offer support and help, plus provide tips 24/7!

  • q-iconI am a non-technical person, can I still do this?

    Absolutely! There is very little technical work involved, if any at all! I tell you exactly how to get everything done!

  • q-icon HOW can I receive support/what support will I get?

    You can receive support via email at kindlesalesranksuperhero@mikeylightning.com

    I will answer your question AS SOON as I am able. Usually within 12-24 hours!